Summer School Villa Verbeelding augustus 2019

    Programme Summer School 2019

    Monday 26 August – Thursday 29 August 2019 (4 days, 9:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00)

    How to find your voice as an illustrator? During the Summer School, you will explore the relationship between words and images and learn to tell your story in a unique way.

    Expect four days of experimenting with techniques, materials and stories under the guidance of top illustrators Carll Cneut or Rébecca Dautremer. They share their passion, teach you the tricks of the trade and help you refine your technique.

    As an 'appetizer' for the Summer School, you can enjoy a full day of illustration during the festival Zin in Zomer on Sunday August 25th in Hasselt. Meet illustrators, participate in a drawing workshop or attend a performance with authors and illustrators. Carll Cneut and Rébecca Dautremer will be present! Full programme & tickets:


    Carll Cneut - full / volzet

    Workshop in Dutch/English.

    How can you find your own unique illustration style? How do you put your personality into your images? How do you tell a story? What to use from the written word and how to use what is not written?

    Creation of characters

    How do you create a character starting from a written text? How can the illustrator use what’s written? And very important: what to do with what's not written?

    How does the creation of a main character influence your storytelling or color palette? How do you find your own voice in illustration and storytelling? Uniqueness and personality are central through this summer course. 

    Using your characters, you make a storyboard and storyline, which you will elaborate in several illustrations. Throughout the whole process, you should look for a personal approach. That is the only way to survive as an illustrator.


    During the summer course, I will show some of the techniques I use in my own work. Some based on classic techniques of layering and dead colour / underpainting, inspired by old masters. But also some rather unconventional techniques which are the result of years of experimenting, sometimes adding unexpected elements to your paint. The techniques can easily be put into practice with other materials and can be applied in your own work. 

    We will experiment through small exercises, trying to liberate ourselves from expectations and standards.

    Feedback and mentoring

    Students will be urged to experiment with their own materials. We will talk about authenticity, discuss their techniques and possible additions to it. Mentoring is on a personal basis. Each student will get individual feedback and guidance. 

    Throughout the summer course, I will talk about my own career, experiences, do's and don'ts, ... Students are free to ask me anything they (really) want to know. Their questions often surprise me!


    Students should bring

    • their own portfolio
    • their favorite materials to work with
    • some sketching paper and sketching materials


    Rébecca Dautremer - full / volzet

    Workshop in English.

    How to create an illustration? What about the relationship between text and image?

    Creative process: from idea to illustration

    How to convert an idea into an illustration?
    Where can we find the concrete elements that allow us to create something visual?
    That’s the point of my workshop.

    Before we focus on the technical challenge, that can be controlled step by step by practising, it is quite important for an illustrator to know what he wants to say, and what tools he can find to do so.

    I will try to share my 20 years of experience as an illustrator. How I try to control the creative process of my images. How I try out different connections between idea and illustration. We will observe a few examples and try to understand the different options we have to create a link between text and image and how these possibilities can generate different emotions.

    We will first do different short exercises, testing the theory.
    I will propose to each student to follow a specific process to find the composition, the action, the background of a first artwork and so on.

    Then we will think about the link between illustrations in series in a story board and practice on a choice of short stories.

    Step by step we will try to go as far as possible to prepare the final realisation. We will talk about light and coloured sketches. I will show concrete examples from my own work. The goal would be to mentally control all the details of the artwork before realising it.
    With those who get their project ready, we can talk about the finalisation.

    Feedback and mentoring

    Students should come with a few artworks of their own. We will talk about technical aspects. How to go on and improve their technique, how to keep something coherent and personal. I can give a short demo of my own for those who want to see it and test it.

    The last day, if students are interested in knowing a bit more about my journey, I will show them different projects I worked on, and share with them my author-illustrator experiences.


    Students are supposed to bring:

    • their portfolio
    • their favorite colour technique
    • rough paper, and any pen they like to draw sketches


    Practical information

    Dates: Monday 26 August – Thursday 29 August 2019 (4 days)

    Hours: 9:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00

    Mentors and locations:

    • Rébecca Dautremer in Villa Verbeelding: Bampslaan 35, 3500 Hasselt
    • Carll Cneut in PXL-MAD School of Arts: reception Campus Elfde Linie, C-building, Elfde-Liniestraat 25, 3500 Hasselt. The Summer School takes place in the student tower next to the C-building, 9th floor.

    Number of participants: max. 20 participants per group

    Experience: not necessary. We do ask a passion for books and illustration.

    What to bring?

    • drawing apron
    • your favourite drawing materials
    • lunch
    • portfolio, if you want to discuss this with your mentor

    Transport and parking

    We advise you to come by bike or public transport if possible. Villa Verbeelding is only 5 minutes walking from the train station and you can take several buses to PXL-MAD School of Arts. If you come by car, you may find the information below useful.

    • Villa Verbeelding: free parking in this area is limited. You can park in the Astrid parking close by (Koningin Astridlaan): between 9 am and 7 pm you pay 1 euro per 5 hours parking. Between 7 pm and 9 am parking is free. Or you can park on the street in the railway station area: between 9 am and 7 pm you pay 1 euro for the first hour, 2 euro for the second hour and 3 euro per hour from the third hour onwards. You can park maximum 10 hours per day. More info:
    • PXL-MAD School of Arts: there is a big parking behind the C-building (free access)

    Where to eat?

    Bring your own lunch or explore the city! Villa Verbeelding is located close to the centre of Hasselt, where you'll find lots of nice lunch spots. Close to PXL-MAD School of Arts, you can have lunch at Bermudas Beach Bar, next to the swimming pool Kapermolen.

    Where to sleep?

    Hostel H (Spoorwegstraat 80, 3500 Hasselt) reserves rooms for participants during a limited period. You'll get a discount with your registration certificate. No need for a room? Please indicate so on your registration form, then they can release the rooms.


    € 350 or € 280 for (former) students of PXL-MAD School of Arts.


    Registration is no longer possible. Summer School is full.

    In case there are more registrations than available spots per group, participants who registered for the first time in a specific illustrator's group (e.g. Rébecca's group) have priority over participants who were already in this illustrator's group the previous years. This way, we hope to give as many people as possible the chance to learn from every illustrator. So please take this into account when registering.


    Cancellation policy

    There are limited spaces available for this Summer School. Therefore, we would like to ensure the participation of the applicants. By registering you agree with the cancellation policy:

    • If your registration and payment has been completed but you can no longer participate, always contact Villa Verbeelding first via We will contact the next person on the waiting list.
    • For every cancellation, we will charge an administration cost of € 70. If we can find someone to replace you via the waiting list, we will repay the rest of the registration fee. In case there is no other participant available, we will notify you that you can look for someone to replace you yourself. We kindly ask the replacing person to contact us as soon as possible to take care of the registration.
    • In case of cancellation less than 1 month before the start of the Summer School, restitution is no longer possible. Participants pay the full registration fee, also in case of a no-show without notification or when leaving the Summer School early.
    • Villa Verbeelding has the right to cancel the Summer School in case of insufficient subscriptions or unforeseen circumstances. In that case participants will get a full refund of the subscription fee.


    The Summer School on illustration is a collaboration of Villa Verbeelding with PXL-MAD School of Arts.

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